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Fresh From the Oven or the Store!

Posted 8/31/2015 12:12pm by Ann Houghton.

There’s nothing like fresh baked bread with its hot, delicious, and aromatic, unforgettable flavor. One whiff is all it takes and your nose, and the rest of you are hooked. If you have the time and energy to make your own, that’s awesome and it’s the ultimate in fresh, local foods! But if you are just too busy or not inclined, think about buying it to bake at home or from a local bakery.

There are many sources of fresh baked bread, pastries, and cookies in small businesses in Scott County. Farmer’s Markets generally feature Great Harvest products, both sweet and savory. Save up your labels and you get your 12th loaf free. Of course, it’s a little pricy but it sure tastes good.

Then there are the local bakeries such as Edelweiss in Prior Lake, Orelia’s and Panera in Shakopee, Emma Krumbees in Belle Plaine, and Lau's Czech Bakery in New Prague. They are sure to offer a variety of fresh and tasty, local breads. Many grocery stores also offer fresh baked products or loaves and rolls which are frozen or room-temperature which you can put straight into the oven to heat up for that just baked experience.

Some natural food stores also have these products, often made locally in the Twin Cities. Wherever you go, try something other than packaged, soft and gooey white bread, which many Americans now claim as their favorite. Try pumpernickel or marble rye, or Oregon Herb, Tomato Basil, Three Cheese, Potato Bread, Honey Wheat, Foccacia, or dinner rolls. There’s a near endless variety just waiting to stimulate your taste buds. Try one and see what your family thinks!

Tessa Lehto is a Shakopee resident and garden enthusiast. This article is funded in part by Scott County’s Statewide Health Initiative Plan to promote healthy eating in the county and Local Harvest Alliance to promote awareness of local foods. Comments or Ideas? Contact me at tessalynn.lehto@gmail.com.