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spring water

Posted 8/4/2015 12:05pm by Tessa Lehto.

Crisp, cold water straight from the artesian spring from which it flows, is available for local residents at no charge. The Frederick-Miller Spring, in continuous operation since at least the late 1800s, is located on Spring Road in rural Eden Prairie. Located on the east side of Spring Road, also known as County Road 4, the spring sits in a wooded area near Riley Creek.

A paved pull-out area, complete with signage on the origin of the spring, provides parking for those coming to nourish their thirst. Some folks use it for coffee or for their animals, but most use it to simply drink its essence, straight from the source, called by some Mother Earth.

Bring your own bottles, fill them up, and take the goodness home yourself. If you don’t know where Spring Road is, it’s accessible from Flying Cloud Road at the intersection where the Lion’s Tap restaurant is located.

The City of Eden Prairie was deeded the property in 1969 and has made improvements twice (1972 and 2003). The City’s Parks and Recreation staff tests the water quality monthly and posts signs saying the site contains potentially impure water since water quality can change quite quickly. But most folks choose to use it anyway, despite that.

Free water is also available at the nearby Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area (on Flying Cloud Road), but the day we tested it, it did not come close to measuring up to the water from the Frederick-Miller Spring in taste.


Tessa Lehto is a Shakopee resident and garden enthusiast. This article is funded in part by Scott County’s Statewide Health Initiative Plan to promote healthy eating in the county and Local Harvest Alliance to promote awareness of local foods. Comments or Ideas? Contact me at tessalynn.lehto@gmail.com.